IDM application

Project Overview

Application for users to manage their profiles, request for access to desired applications and systems, password reset and account unlocking using challenge/response mechanisms. Workflow-driven automated provisioning, attribute synchronization & de-provisioning of user-accounts from single/multiple authoritative identity source(s) to multiple target systems and application across an organization.


  • Multi-tasking feature & spacious workspace
  • Icons-centric interface design for high visual impact

Value Addition

  • Created a spacious interface, implemented expand & collapsible menu panel
  • Provided multiple-tabs design for ease of switching between tasks
  • Provided flat-design for UI, keeping up with the current UI design trends
  • Provided indent tables

Project Stats

Project members directly involved in project scoping

  • Technical Manager - Requirements & technical implementation scope
  • Sr. Web Developer - Web-development scope
  • Sr. Visualizer (Me) - Graphics design scope
  • Duration of the project: 120 days

Tools Used